To enter our slideshow contest you are not obliged to create an actual slideshow.

• Name all your jpgs in the order to be projected i.e.: PSPF1.jpg, PSPF2.jpg etc.

• Create a folder with your name and enclose all your jpgs (2500 pixels on the long edge).

• Add your music file to the folder. One vendor for royalty-free music is The Music Case 

• Add your text file with title, description and contact info to the folder

• Zip the folder into one compressed file before sending / uploading to us.

• Send via dropbox,, or any other file transfer service to us at contest AT

If you choose to make a slideshow, we will use it for reference. If your show is selected for projection in our contest, we will remake it using your slideshow to guide us, using our software. Include your slideshow in a mac-readable format to your folder in this case. 

DEADLINE IS September 1st! 

You can send as many slide shows as you like. We accept Quicktime movies, Power Point and Keynote presentations.

Slide shows should not be longer than three minutes in duration and should have music. If you don’t include music, we’ll try to marry the work with compatible music at our end. All images should be sized to 2500 pixels on the long dimension. We request you send us a brief text about your project, including your name, address, email address and telephone number with your submission. There is no entry fee required.

The Palm Springs Photo Festival reserves the right to use portions of any slide show selected as a finalist or grand prize winner in the promotion of the Palm Springs Photo Festival Slide Show Contest and by sending us your show, you agree to grant us a non-exclusive sublicense for such use only. Credit and copyright notice will accompany all uses and photographer will be notified of such use. The Palm Springs Photo Festival cannot be held responsible for loss or damage of any submissions. You retain 100% of your copyright to the material.
A Word about music copyrights: If your slide show is accepted as a finalist and contains copyrighted recorded music, to be shown in our Evening Presentation, you will need to obtain the synchronization rights from the music publisher and the master use rights from the recording company (record label). These are not difficult to obtain and the cost is minimal. We can also try to help you to obtain these permissions if you have difficulties, but we cannot be held responsible for doing so. Another option is to use royalty-free music, which is easy to obtain by searching royalty-free music on Google. A wide range of music is available to choose from. Please indicate on your submission if you’ve used royalty-free music.


Winner must live in the United States to receive free shipping of sponsor gifts.